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Raising much needed funds for CSI Cycle Challenge June 2018 - Cycling 600kms with 6,500mts of Ascent & Descent over 5 Days through Croatia – Slovenia - Italy


Our Managing Director Kevin Dempsey has taken on a challenge and needs your support...

"Hi to all. I know you get enough of these types of requests already, but please have a quick look & think about this one because there is no doubt that you or someone that you know will need this wonderful ‘End-of-Life – Nurses for Night Care Service’ provided by The Irish Hospice Foundation.

As many of your know I love a challenge. I’ve trekked to Mt Vinson in the Antarctica in 2006, the South Pole in 2007 and the North Pole in 2009. In 2013 I took part in one of the world’s great treks - Geneva to Nice through the Alps on foot – 650kms / 33,000mts of ascent & descent / 28 days for GR 5 Trek 2013.

Now, whilst I’m still an active mountaineer & adventurer, this year, I’ve taken on a challenge that will be a new one for me – CyclingLong Distance Cycling.

I’m not a cyclist by any definition and I committed to this Cycle Challenge in aid of the Irish Hospice Foundation, thrown down to me by a good friend, before I saw the daily schedule and the stats. But, too late, I had committed & I don’t pull back from a challenge.

Cycling, as in this challenge, is completely new to me and I will be way out of my comfort zone - I can feel the blisters rising already!


The training is done, we’ve started the journey & with my commitment, I will complete this IHF Cycle Challenge.

Q. - What will the money raised on this Irish Hospice Foundation Cycle Challenge be used for?

Important: All of my own travel, accommodation, meals and bike transport etc expenses have already been paid directly by me, so - Every cent of every Euro raised from you will go directly to the IHF’s Nurses for Night Care Programme.

Very simply, the IHF Vision is that – ‘No-one will face death or bereavement without the care & support they need’.

The IHF run a Nurses for Night Care Programme which brings hospice care into the home for those facing ‘end-of-life’ and provides important care & support for family members. This is a vital service for the increasing number of people who want a dignified ‘end-of life’ in their own home.

The Facts -

  1. The average number of nights that Night Nursing support in the home is required in a typical end-of-life situation is 6 nights.
  2. The cost of providing a full night of Nursing care is €320.
  3. The cost of 6 nights for a typical end-of-life Night Nurse care & support service is - €1920.

- With your help I want to raise over €3,000 in funding for the Night Nurse programme
- With your help we will make a huge difference to the quality of the ‘end-of-life- experience for people along with their families, which one day could be someone close to you or someone you know.

I’ll put the effort & pain into this – If you will help The IHF with a donation.

Making a Donation is easy so click the link today."

Thank You