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Personalise a Neutral Interior

We all long for our interior to be a safe and comfortable haven but it's a brave move to splash strong or vibrant colours on your walls. Such a commitment! A colour that looks fabulous in Summer may seem more than misplaced when the colder Winter months creep in. If you're renting your home this can invite another realm of problems - a space that can't be decorated or altered on a whim without permission. Don't worry, we've got just the answer.
Fabrics are the perfect solution for creating an interior to match your character and style. Whether it's cushions, throws, roman blinds or even fabric napkins (perfect for a dinner party) it's the smallest accents of colour and pattern that can complete your interior. Here's some options to help you on your way...

Herriot Collection - Tactile & Earthy

If you'd like to introduce some soft hues with subtle texture then our Herriot Collection is just what you need. This Collection comprises a pair of upholstery-weight weaves which help conjure up visions of farmhouse firesides. Invitingly tactile, there's a wide diversity of shades, from earthy hues to on-trend tones. Very elegant and understated...

Herriot Collection

Velour Collection - Soft & Bright

Our Velour Collection will provide your interior with a jolt of energy and a tactile finish. Soft and sumptuous, this amazing array covers a vast library of shades, from eclectic bright colours to versatile neutrals, all perfect for matching with jacquards, coordinating with prints or making a standalone statement. We recommend coordinating your shade of fabric with wall art to finish the look. Why not even create your own canvas frame (or use an old one) and stretch the velour fabric over it. Designer look -complete!

Velour Collection

Dalesway & Lakeside Collections - Elegant & Classic

The Prestigious Textiles Dalesway and Lakeside Collections are wonderful designs which add a touch of culture and class to a warm and inviting interior. While Lakeside is known for its natural weaves and pastel shades, it makes the ideal basis for a laid-back ambience. The Dalesway book evokes traditional tailoring across a suite of checks, stripes, plains and semi-plains. Presented in a selection of classic colour stories, all fabrics are perfect for curtains, blinds and cushions in addition to fixed upholstery.

Dalesway and Lakeside

Ambleside & South Bank Collections - Subtle & Natural

To add a little floral fun to your interior try our Ambleside Collection. This family of floral prints captures the essence of a country meadow, with rambling roses, leafy sprigs and fruits flourishing amidst scattered posies of wild flowers. Ambleside is completed by a delicate trellis and a rustic check, all on 100% cotton. It's a fantastic collection of fabrics which compliment a homely interior. If you're looking for something with a modern twist the South Bank Collection displays a distinctly Nordic influence, the range uses simple motifs to make a strong impact and the six prints look as good together as they do when making solo statements, with the cool retro feel enhanced by a series of subtle palettes.

Prestigious Textiles Collections

Grand Palais - Luxurious & Regal

If you're longing to provide some rich velour or opulent embroidery to your interior then our Grand Palais Collection is just the regal touch you need. A wide-ranging Collection drawing on influences from around the world the eclectic combination of embroidered linens, large checks, embellished bands and digitally-printed velvets creates a stunning melange in jewel-bright shades.

All your missing is your crown!

Grand Palais